This course will enable you to:

· Plan, lead, support and sustain a rapid corporate transformation

· Expand your competencies as a leader beyond other essential but more tactical leadership skills, such as change management and incremental improvement

· Identify and overcome the inhibitors embedded in your organization that cause transformation failure

· Identify and master the accelerators you need to deploy to ensure rapid transformation success

Has your company reached an inflection point?

Are you a new executive leader who needs to learn to “take charge” faster? Have you been in your post for a while but launching the next major phase in your organization feels daunting/overwhelming? Does your cautious management culture block you from achieving breakthrough results? Has the global pandemic brought your company to a standstill?

It's not just you. A recent study by McKinsey showed that only 27% of corporate transformations are successful. All these issues are becoming increasingly common in leadership positions of all levels during these disruptive times. But you can 100% overcome them and reliably usher in bold and rapid transformation. How? First, by identifying the things that hold you back then learning how to engage and overcome them.


  • Trying to avoid big mistakes by sticking to the tried and true

  • Not having enough bandwidth for anything new or different

  • Taking on too many separate initiatives at the same time

  • Failing to deal with recalcitrant executives

  • Not addressing employee disengagement

  • Losing your focus during the execution phase

Rapid, enterprise-wide transformation is NOT a pipe dream. Once you learn how to overcome these roadblocks, it can become your reality

Introducing the “TRANSFORMATION LEADER’S GUIDE”; a proven, step-by-step transformational process to help you tap into your unleashed potential as a leader!

This easy-to-follow, powerful course will help you create rapid transformation and breakthrough results at the enterprise level, one that engages all layers of your organization. Each module identifies the thought process and practical phases required to achieve these goals.

Ideal for a variety of leaders and students of leadership

Designed for Transformation Leaders, their leadership teams, and those who support and implement their transformation game plan. Including:

· All members of leadership, from top to bottom
· Managers, supervisors, and leaders in various departments
· Organizational Staff interested in extending their competencies beyond more conventional and tactical change management and incremental improvement skills
· Enthusiasts, students, and practitioners of leadership eager to round out their store of knowledge about leadership in general by filling in the top of the leadership pyramid

Created for Many Different Kinds of Organizations

Although ACT was initially created for major private and corporate businesses, its principles, which you learn here, can be implemented in a variety or organizational structures:

· Non-profits
· Government Agencies
· Educational Institutions
· Sports & Recreational Groups
· Healthcare Organizations
· Public Utilities
· And various other organizations


Rapid Transformation
Leader-led, at all levels
The "No-Slack Launch"
Rapid engagement of all employees
Sustained focus by “Doing More ON Less”
Structured Dialogue & "Safe Passage”
Transformation Speed = Simplicity of content x Compression of process
“Quick Starts" and early breakthrough results
Side Benefits: organization/management development and culture enhancement
Gradually melds into and strengthens the management proces

Hello, I’m Robert H. Miles, Ph.D.

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Bob Miles. For more than 3 decades, I’ve worked at the heart of corporate transformation and executive leadership. I’ve served as the principal process architect and supervisor of over 30 corporate transformations at companies, many of which were iconic in their industry.

Decades of practical consulting experience, as well as many years of experience on the faculties of Yale, Harvard and Emory business schools, and the Stanford Executive Institute, have been rolled into my Accelerated Corporate Transformation (ACT) methodology, the highlights of which were first published in the Harvard Business Review. I’ve also written several books on my ACT-based corporate transformation engagements, the most recent being BIG Ideas to BIG Results with Michael Kanazawa.

Seeing how the pandemic has affected so many companies’ ability to survive, I wanted to do even more. I wanted to teach new executive leaders how to “take charge” faster and sitting executive leaders how to successfully launch the next major phase in their organization.

But much more than that. ACT and this course were designed to create leaders of the transformation at all levels, as well as equip all employees to contribute in an engaged and aligned manner.

That’s why I created the TRANSFORMATION LEADER’S GUIDE. To help leaders like you tap into their full potential and bring forth the rapid transformation their organization needs to survive.

Bob Miles

Here's What You Get When You Enroll

By enrolling in the​ TRANSFORMATION LEADER’S GUIDE​, you will be getting:

  • Ten Highly Engaging Learning Modules

    Delivered in the form of high quality videos that you can watch instantly when you enroll. These lessons are practical and to the point; designed for busy professionals like you.

  • A Downloadable Course Book

    The written coursebook has everything you need to get started. You’ll also be getting checklists and worksheets in fillable PDF format that you can download and work on in your own time.

  • With short videos and straightforward exercises, this course can be taken in small time increments. I know that time is not your friend. But between the videos and the workbook, you can start implementing what you learn right away. The course is actually laid out in a series of well ordered, transformation Phases, from Confronting Reality through full Execution and Breakthrough Results.

    Just by completing these exercises, you’ll be switching your mindset – from feeling stuck in “what’s tried and true”, to actively working towards a successful organizational transformation for all involved.

The TRANSFORMATION LEADER’S GUIDE course can truly take your company (and your leadership skills) to new heights.

I know that if you follow the teaching of my course and put in the work, you will be rewarded with some great results. I’ve seen it happen for 30 years . . . But don’t just take my word for it!

  • “...for CEOs who are​ ​looking for time-tested principles and a proven process by which senior​ ​teams can realign their organization and its people with their strategic intent. In a fast moving world, nothing is more important.”

    Harvard Business School, Chaired Professor

  • "A great transformation game plan . . . that is simple, fast, inclusive, results-oriented, and proven."

    ​Global Leadership Authority

  • "I am very impressed with how [Dr. Miles has] laid out the plan to develop the skills necessary to become a transformative leader. These materials should fill a need for many leaders coming out of this pandemic."

    Former Dean and Chaired Professor, The McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia

  • "[The] approach can be of great benefit not only to CEOs and their executive staff, but also to vice presidents, general managers, and department heads.”

    ​President and CEO of Global High Tech Company

  • “I am fortunate to be partnering with Bob Miles as my chief corporate transformation consultant.”

    Former Chairman of Global Computer and Digital Phone Company

  • “[ACT] is a powerful, proven process for leaders at all levels. With a focus on alignment and engaging the entire organization.”

    Vice President of Strategy, Global Software Company

  • “[ACT] produces clear, measurable results, energizes and aligns everyone in the organization and is the only methodology I have experienced where everything you do is an integral part of your job – period!”

    CEO, Large Semiconductor Manufacturing Firm

  • “The ACT leader-led process is a dramatic departure from traditional consulting methods in that it unleashes value creators at every level of an organization.”

    Senior Vice President of New Services, Major Retailer


The course consists of ten modules presented as a series of forty seven online lessons, with dozens of useful templates. Each module addresses the thought process and practical phase you need to go through, in order to launch successful and rapid transformation of your organization.

So HOW exactly does this process work? Let’s take a look!

CLICK ON EACH LEARNING MODULE to expand and see the lessons inside.

  • MODULE 1: The Transformation Leader’s Challenges & Inhibitors

    SUMMARY: The first module offers some key insights about the most common transformation challenges and helps you identify your and your organization’s readiness level.
    LESSON 1: The Key Insights
    LESSON 2: The Definition of Transformation
    LESSON 3: Typical Transformation Challenges
    LESSON 4: Organizational​ Inhibitors
    LESSON 5: The Readiness Survey
    Take the brief survey at the end to gauge the intensity of transformation “inhibitors” embedded in your organization.

  • MODULE 2: The Transformation Leader’s Accelerators

The second module identifies the six accelerators that will help you overcome the most common inhibitors on your path to organizational transformation.
    Lesson 1: Recognize the Transformation Accelerators (for Inhibitors #1 - #3)
    Lesson 2: Recognize the Transformation Accelerators (for Inhibitors #4 - #5)
    Lesson 3: Recognize the Transformation Accelerators (for Inhibitor #6)

  • MODULE 3: The Foundations of Accelerated Corporate Transformation (ACT)

The third module introduces the ACT methodology and explains how its simple structure and processes can help you create a compressed transformation launch process that runs in tandem with your company’s day-to-day management process.
    Lesson 1: Speed = Simplicity x Compression
    Lesson 2: Get your ACT together
    Lesson 3: The ACT Basics: Powerfully Simple

  • MODULE 4: Structure Your Transformation Launch

The fourth module explains how to structure your organizational transformation and make the best use of the “No-Slack Launch” approach.
    Lesson 1: Structuring Rapid Transformations
    Lesson 2: Productive Speed
    Lesson 3: The “No-Slack Launch”
    Lesson 4: The Transformation Initiative Co-Champions
    Lesson 5: The Process Support Team
    Lesson 6: “Quick Start” Story
    Lesson 7: Tips for Structuring Your Transformation

  • MODULE 5: Craft Your Launch Process

 The fifth module acknowledges that rapid transformations are not achieved by structure alone and helps you put together a simple, robust process that’s tailored to your organization’s internal realities.
    Lesson 1: Creating Safe Passage
    Lesson 2: Dialogue vs Discussion
    Lesson 3: Structured Dialogue and Tablework
    Lesson 4: Initial Executive Interviews: The Internal Realities
    Lesson 5: Outside-In Perspective
    Lesson 6: Confronting Reality Kickoff Meeting
    Lesson 7: Tips for Crafting Your Transformation Process

  • MODULE 6: The Focus Phase

The sixth module shows you how to best work together with your executive team to create a focused transformation game plan.
    Lesson 1: The Leader’s Challenge: “Doing more ON less”
    Lesson 2: The Transformation Game Plan & the Transformation “Arrow”
    Lesson 3: Creating the Purpose and Strategic Vision
    Lesson 4: The Success Model and Rapid Due Diligence
    Lesson 5: Total Systems Approach: Identifying "The Gaps"
    Lesson 6: Operationalizing Your Transformation Initiatives
    Lesson 7: Tips for Focusing Your Transformation

  • MODULE 7: The Align Phase

The seventh module explains how to align your performance management system and why you need to bring your Transformation Initiatives together with aligned organizational Values.
    Lesson 1: Commitments to Action (CTAs)
    Lesson 2: Aligning Values with Behavior Change Commitments
    Lesson 3: Structuring Widespread Commitment
    Lesson 4: Tips for the Aligning Your Transformation

  • MODULE 8: The Engage Phase

The eighth module gives you the know-how for rapidly engaging your full organization and ushering in Leader-led Employee Engagement.
    Lesson 1: Fostering Organizational Engagement
    Lesson 2: The Rapid, High-engagement, All-employee Cascade
    Lesson 3: Leading the Cascade: Creating Leaders at All Levels
    Lesson 4: Overcoming the Buts
    Lesson 5: Tips for creating and sustaining High Engagement

  • MODULE 9: The Execute Phase

The ninth module helps you ensure your organizational transformation stays on track post launch and your team remains energized and focused throughout the Execute Phase
    Lesson 1: Addressing the Predictable, High-Risk Execution Slumps
    Lesson 2: The Post Launch Blues
    Lesson 3: Quarterly Leadership Checkpoints & Mini-Cascades
    Lesson 4: The Mid-Course Assessment
    Lesson 5: Launching Year 2
    Lesson 6: Transformation Overlay Melds into the Management Process
    Lesson 7: Tips for Avoiding the Execution Slumps

  • MODULE 10: Final Thoughts

The tenth and final module offers some reflections on the role of a Transformation Leader and guides you through a self-assessment of your overall readiness.
    Lesson 1: Final Thoughts

Still wondering if this course is the right fit for you?

Here’s an easy way to identify whether ​the​ TRANSFORMATION LEADER’S GUIDE​ is something you and your company needs. If you reply “YES” to ANY ONE of these questions...

  • Have the recent changes in your industry, sector, technology or the current pandemic brought forth a need (or opportunity) for your organization to pivot?

  • Have you recently been tapped to plan and lead or support a transformation in your part of the enterprise?

  • Are you worried that your company is losing its edge to its competitors?

  • Are you tired of working really hard towards an organizational transformation and still not able to reap real results?

  • Do you feel like your executives may be resisting your transformation game plan?

  • Are you unsure about how to raise the engagement level of your employees?

  • Are you hesitant to change “the way things are done” even though deep down you know you need to?

  • ...then the​ “TRANSFORMATION LEADER’S GUIDE”​ is PERFECT for you.

In this thorough, step-by-step process for achieving a successful and rapid transformation of your organization, you will learn how to:

  • Understand the challenges to rapid transformation that lie ahead

  • Assess your own readiness and that of your key leaders

  • Identify the six “speed breaks” or inhibitors that stop you from achieving rapid transformation success

  • Recognize the six ‘accelerators’ that will help you get moving

  • Utilize the ACT methodology to keep everything on track and on time

  • Create a comprehensive but streamlined launch process that runs in tandem with your company’s day-to-day management process

  • Rapidly engage your full organization

  • Roll out a simple and compressed launch structure that’s geared for speed and high engagement

  • Put together a simple, robust process that’s tailored to your company’s internal realities

  • Work together with your team to create a transformation game plan

  • Align your transformation initiatives to your organizational values

  • Avoid the three predictable slumps during execution

A Summary of What You'll Get

When you join the​ TRANSFORMATION LEADER’S GUIDE​, you will get instant access to all the course modules, downloadable templates and files, and some great bonus offerings!

  • Ten Highly Engaging Learning Modules

    Delivered in the form of high quality videos that you can watch instantly when you enroll. These lessons are practical and to the point; designed for busy professionals like you.

  • A Downloadable Course Book

    The written coursebook has everything you need to get started. You’ll also be getting checklists and worksheets in fillable PDF format that you can download and work on in your own time.




30 Day 100% Risk Free Guarantee

Are you still skeptical if this is the right investment for you? Let me assure you that the TRANSFORMATION LEADER’S GUIDE includes a 30-day refund policy.

I am confident that, after learning from the course, you will discover that ACT offers critical value for you and your company. It only works if you’re ready and determined to ACT.

In the rare case you wish to proceed with a refund, all you need to do is send us a message from within the course itself and provide the lessons you completed together with your refund request. This information helps us to continue improve our students' experience. 

We will then proceed to refund you the totality of what you paid. No questions asked. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions before joining? No problem! We've answered our most frequent questions below to help you with your purchasing decision.

  • What results should I expect after completing this course?

    This unique course was created to serve as the definitive guide for Transformation Leaders. It will equip you to effectively plan, launch and lead a rapid transformation of your organization, or enable you to play an important support role in such an undertaking.

  • What’s included in this course?

    The Transformation Leader’s Guide has condensed – simplified and compressed – all of the essential insights and knowhow of transformation leadership into ten learning modules, which cover in detail the major phases of rapid transformation -- right down to the essential tools and templates involved interspersed with videos from the front line.

  • How is your course different from other leadership courses out there?

    This course is focused on the pinnacle of the leadership triangle; on enterprise-wide organization-deep Transformation Leadership. The unique ACT methodology upon which it is based creates a rapid, leader-led, high-engagement, all-employee transformation, which reliably achieves early breakthrough results and has important side-benefits in terms of organization/leadership development and culture enhancement. Importantly, it is leader-led at all levels.

    This guide goes beyond a theoretical treatment of the subject, and delivers a detailed game plan for rapidly achieving breakthrough transformation.

  • What is the instructor’s experience in the subject?

    Dr. Robert H. Miles is a global thought and practice leader in the field of transformation leadership. He has served on the faculties of the Yale, Harvard, and Emory business schools and the AEA/Stanford Executive Institute and as the principal process architect of over 30 major transformations, several of which were iconic in their industry. He has also published a popular Harvard Business Review article on “Accelerating Corporate Transformations – Don’t Lose our Nerve!” as well as several books on his experiences, including Leading Corporate Transformation and BIG Ideas to BIG Results. But this is the first time he has distilled his proprietary approach into a comprehensive course on ACT that is available to everyone interested in becoming or supporting a Transformation Leader.

  • Will I need to purchase anything else once I'm inside the course?

    No, you will not.


The TRANSFORMATION LEADER’S GUIDE is specifically created to enable you to:

1. Rapidly transform your organization and reach breakthrough results within the first performance year following your transformation launch
2. Launch the execution phase by quickly focusing everyone in the enterprise on a shared set of business performance and cultural stretch goals for breakthrough results
3. Lead your organization through an intensive, rapid, high-engagement, all-employee cascade. To take back control of your company — without sacrificing your values, your company culture or your bottom line.
4. Learn about embedded “inhibitors” in all organizations that can easily derail the launch and execution of a transformation. And “accelerators” that are utilized to engage and overcome each inhibitor to ensure rapid transformation success.
5. Extend your competencies beyond tactical change management and incremental improvement skills.
6. Acquire through execution of ACT key side benefits in leadership and organization development:
· Utilize speed to your advantage by simplifying plans and compressing processes to achieve breakthrough results rapidly.
· Build “safe passage” to support dialogue and critical decision making while improving manager and people skills.
· Sharpen an initiative and simplify it before implementation--how to effectively engage people at all levels.
· Elevate your organization’s culture through implementation of the ACT process and principles